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Women's Run: An amazing final round in Munich

15 Sep 2017

Last Saturday was already the final round of the Women’s Run series that Odlo has supported for the first time this summer. After Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berin, the Women’s run series ended last weekend in Munich. A perfect location, with the Olympia Park in Munich, where the Olympic Games were hosted in 1972. A perfect program, with three runs and two of our ambassadors: Ingalena Heuck, former German half-marathon champion who's been working closely with Odlo for a long time, and Jana Ina Zarrella, our new brand ambassador for Germany. Ingalena had the honor to be the first to cross the starting line of the first half marathon of the Women's Run series. She won the run with 1 hour and 23 minutes. Jana Ina had the honor to kick off the 8k run at 5 pm.

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With starts at 10 am for the half marathon, at 3 pm for the 5k run and at 5 pm for the 8k run, the Women's Village was always crowded. The Odlo booth was swarmed by shoppers who had the time to look at the collection and ask questions about the Ceramicool technology, the bra support system, the tights fabrics…

But much more important was the achieved visibility. With every runner wearing an Odlo pink t-shirt customized with their names or funny claims, Odlo was on every potential selfie. “It’s a great location and a great event. I am so glad to have met so many people during this Women's Run series”, explains Jana Ina Zarrella, who also signed countless autographs on the Odlo booth.

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The Women’s Run series will return next year with new surprises. “The half marathon came naturally. We encourage women to run, and the ones who started with us several years ago are ready for a half marathon now”, explains Stefanie Fahnemann, organizer. “The Women's Run series was and is the perfect event for Odlo. We have met so many people in different cities and throughout the summer”, concludes Sandra Hendrix, trade marketing manager at Odlo Germany, who cannot wait to resume the Run next year.

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